This program was introduced in 2013. The Federal Skilled Worker Class covers all applicants that are either Professionals (University Educated), those who can demonstrated that they have skills or experience within their respected profession or occupation and that they have the ability to independently adapt to the Canadian workforce. ‘Skilled workers’ include both employed and self-employed persons, as long as they satisfy the occupational requirements.

Each candidate is selected based on a Selection grid and the Point System. There are 6 factors on the Grid that are used to asses each applicant. These factors are: Age, education, length of experience, proficiency in Official languages (English/ French), Arranged Employment and Adaptability. Based on each individual situation, points are awarded for each given factor. An applicant who scores higher than the pass mark is eligible to apply for this program. There are additional points awarded to applicants who have already ‘arranged employment’ (i.e. a job offer from a qualified Canadian Employer).

Currently the pass mark is 67, out of the possible maximum of 100, however, this can be re-set by the department from time to time.

The selection factors are as follows:

  • Minimum of 1 year full time work experience in Managerial or Supervisory positions that can be verified (NOC 0, A, B)
  • Minimum English language thresholds – minimum 6 bands in the IELTS General test
  • More points are awarded for official language proficiency
  • More points are awarded for the age factor & revised age range for highest bracket
  • Prior Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) of all Non-Canadian educational credentials by a Canadian organization
  • Lower points for work experience outside Canada, more years for highest bracket
  • Additional adaptability points for language ability of the spouse and Canadian work experience.