For most applicants, without a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMAI) a Work Permit application is incomplete. The opinion of Service Canada (SC) on a job offer is required by the Immigration Department in order to process a Work Permit Application.

The following factors that are considered for the processing of a LMAI application are as follows: ​

  • The job offer is genuine
  • The wages and working conditions are comparable to those offered to Canadians working in the occupation
  • Employers conducted reasonable efforts to hire or train Canadians for the job
  • The foreign worker is filling a labour shortage
  • The employment of the foreign worker will directly create new job opportunities or help retain jobs for Canadians
  • The foreign worker will transfer new skills and knowledge to Canadians; and
  • The hiring of the foreign worker will not affect a labour disputes or the employment of any Canadian worker involved in such a dispute.

It is important that an effort to hire Canadian’s is shown (via national, local level advertising as well as internet jobs).

Based on the labour market information, SC expects that the wages offered are at least, if not more than those that are paid to Canadians in the same occupation. If your job wages are lower than that which is paid to Canadians in the same occupation, SC will not confirm your job offer. The working conditions for these foreign nationals are also expected to be consistent with the federal and/or provincial standards for the occupation and workplace.

Depending upon the province, this process may be completed anywhere between 6-12 weeks.