Due to the current and projected manpower shortage is seen as a struggle for all Canadian businesses. Due to a number of factors it is estimated if nothing is done, Canadians will not be able to replace their retiring workers, and thus foreign workers will have to take their place.

With an increasingly globalized economy, this can be seen as an opportunity. In order for businesses to survive and grow in this era they must have a diversified workforce. This workforce must possess individuals with varied education, cultural and experienced background that would bring together multiple industry, location and multi-disciplinary learnings into the operations of your company.

At a more wider demographic level, the traditional Canadian workforce had shortages due to a low birth rate. The population is facing manpower difficulties due to the large-scale retirement of baby-boomers causing delays in finding positions for people.

Increasing International Competition for Manpower

This trend is appearing in many Western countries, thus they have reacted in a similar manner, leading for their to be an increased international competition for manpower. The emerging scenario is as follows, there are booming local economies from source countries such as India, China, Philippines, Mexico etc. as well as the increasingly active Gulf-region that has well-paying jobs, the competition is easy to understand.

How we can help?

At LiveInCanada.me, we understand that the best way to tackle this shortage in manpower is by working together with Recruiters (Canadian Businesses), by capitalizing on each others strengths, to work together to tackle this problem. [Our practices are in line with the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), which is licensed by the government of Canada to legally facilitate the entry of Foreign Nationals in Canada by providing paid Immigration Services. We provide complete post-recruitment services if required. Our consultants practice exclusively in the field of Canadian Immigration. Our understanding of the Canadian immigration process ensures that the process is as seamless as possible.

Trades & Disciplines

At LiveInCanada.me we provide immigration services for most trades and disciples, without any restrictions. However, as Immigrations consultants, there are certain immigrations requirements for different trades and special programs that we are well versed in. To our best extent, we can assist companies at all stages of their recruitment and immigration processes.


The cost to your company would be a one-time flat fee for each application or occupation, which would consist of multiple positions. From the foreign worker, we charge a nominal professional fee for immigration services.