For a Canadian business that wants to hire overseas workers, they need to not just make a written offer of employment to the Foreign National. Any offers that are made, have to be processed through Service Canada (SC – though this process is popularly known as HRDC approval). There are various factors that are considered when this process exists (one being the duration of the job).

There are 2 types of processes, depending upon the type of the worker.

  1. Temporary Workers – Work permit – These are short-term labour that come for a specific job. They are coming to Canada only for a short period of time. A Labour Market Impact Assessment is used to assess temporary workers.
  2. Permanent Workers – Skilled Worker – These are workers that move to Canada as a Permanent Resident. The application is supported and additional points are given to those applicants who have a permanent job offer. In these cases an Arranged Employment Opinion is issued. is the necessary link between the Canadian business and the foreign worker allowing for both parties to navigate all of the confusing requirements. Our main goal is working together to ensure that we can help you secure your future. So, work in Canada conveniently by availing our services now!