In order to be considered for the Provincial Business program, the applicant is generally required to demonstrate the following:

  • Previous business ownership or management experience
  • Net Worth – starting from CND $ 300,000
  • Viable business plan
  • Sufficient settlement funds
  • Convincing willingness to settle in the province
  • Ability and willingness to operate a viable business

Either before submitting or during the processing of the nomination, the applicant would be required to make an exploratory visit to the given province. Refundable deposits are also usually required from most provinces to ensure that the Applicant does in fact settle into that province. Any applicant that has difficulties with English may also be required to make a deposit until they can demonstrate a more sufficient language capability.

Currently, the following provinces offer nomination programs under the Business Immigration criteria:

  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba – Business
  • New Brunswick – Business
  • PEI – Immigrant Partner
  • Saskatchewan – Entrepreneur